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Ken Short

Wealth Advisor

I joined the Financial Services industry in 1991, after an interesting meeting with an individual who introduced to me wealth building strategies that were indeed different than what I was employing so far in my life. My background was in the accounting field. I realized that these strategies were not being shared with the average person and the difference they could make was significant, I decided to join the industry and help educate families on a "Better Strategy" for wealth creation and help them get on the road to Debt Freedom and Financial Independence.

It’s been a very rewarding journey, not only have I educated many on a "Better Strategy", I’ve been blessed by having the opportunity to learn a lot of life lessons from my clients, who are now all part of our family as we’ve grown our friendship over the years.

It’s been exciting as we’ve watched our clients get on the road to debt freedom and financial freedom! We’ve had the pleasure of seeing the children of our family’s graduate debt free and our clients realize their goals and dreams along the way! Many of our clients have been able to retire well before their targeted goal!

All of these wonderful memories were able to transpire because we took an educational approach in assisting our clients to develop and implement a plan. We have always let our inner philosophy guide us in our direction, Always putting our client’s best interest ahead of ours, Always.

I give credit to my Father as he instilled in me, at a very young age, a work ethic and a stern statement "Do Good Work and Good Fortune Will catch up to You" no matter what you choose as a career.

We have built our family business, Independent Financial Strategies, on this philosophy and developed a holistic approach to planning which focuses on Wealth, Health and Fitness.

I am very Proud of the accomplishments of our clients, as they have had to apply the proper disciplines to accomplish their Goals and Dreams. They’ve made us look good as a by-product!

I am also Very proud of my Daughter as she has been a huge part of the success of our growing business and I look forward to the future as we work together as a family, to help More Families accomplish their Goals and Dreams!

My Grandson (14) has also made his early commitment, and promises to be the "Best Wealth Advisor" and join our Family Business……….I Look forward to that Day!


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Tracy Short

Wealth Advisor

My journey for the last 19 years has been very exciting. My passion for helping people is one of the many reasons I am here and love what I do.

I began my career as the Office Manager. During this time, I had my son and I realized how rewarding a family and home based business would be for both my son and myself.

This was a big stepping stone for me as it allowed me To work alongside my father on a daily basis, which not only helped me grow and gain knowledge, but it also gave me the opportunity to see first hand exactly what my Dad did everyday.....he helped families!

Seeing the relationships and friendships my Dad has built and the impact he has had on many lives, has given me all the motivation and drive that I needed to make the choice to follow in his footsteps.

During my years at the office I was also pursuing one of my other passions, health and fitness. I got certified in Personal training as well as nutrition and still continue to help my clients live a healthy lifestyle.

Health is wealth.

Myself, and my Father both share the same passion for helping people and that's why we work together as a team helping families plan for their future.


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